Baby Small Talk Doll (1968)

Baby Small Talk Doll (1968)
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  • Item #: #1914
  • Manufacturer: Mattel
  • Condition: Used

"The Tiny, Tiny Talker by Mattel."  Baby Small Talk, a 10" pull-string talking doll by Mattel Toys, 1968.  I'd love to say that this doll is in great shape but she doesn't talk anymore when you pull her "chatty ring" (which is common for these vintage talking dolls of the 1960s).  When I took her out of storage I discovered that her left arm has broken off due to age.  The arm does stay put in place however to display (as you can tell by the photos) and I think it could be permanently reattach with expertise.  Otherwise this cutie is a clean with original white polka dot blue dress and panties and pink hair ribbon. 

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